E-Con Electric in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Since 1970, E-Con Electric Inc. has been installing high quality electrical installations throughout the state of Wisconsin and the Midwest. We are a locally owned electrical contractor with many of our electricians residing in the Wisconsin Rapids area. Additionally, we also have electricians located in the Stevens Point, Wausau, Tomahawk, and the Fox Valley area. To further support our customer’s needs, we have an extensive fleet of utility trucks, trailers, and tool capabilities that gives us the ability to install an electrical project of most any size.

Our primary focus on every project is safety and quality. We also work with the owner’s and all project contractors to ensure each project is installed on time and within budget. Throughout our 40 plus years in business, we have developed exceptional long-standing relationships with many industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We work with an extensive base of general contractors and we have an expansive supply chain for electrical products and services. As your electrical contractor, we will work to meet your project schedules and respond quickly when emergencies arise and time is of the essence.


Every Project Done Safe, Done Right, On Time, Every Time

These 10 words are not the only things that describe E-Con Electric, and our attitudes towards your project, but they describe our attitudes every day. We believe that it is a forward-looking reminder and by pursuing it, we will earn your confidence.

Whether we’re on-site or planning a project with you, we promise full accountability and a high quality, National Electric Code compliant installation. We promise to start with accurate project costs and a well-defined project scope, and finish with a quality solution that not only meets your immediate needs, but take into account your future needs as well.


E-Con Electric strives to achieve zero workplace accidents to ensure the safety of our employees, project owners, and employees of our subcontractors. E-Con Electric’s goal is to educate and train our employees. E-Con Electric and our management team support additional safety programs, but also embrace new methods and continuous training.

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Every Project Done Safe, Done Right, On Time, Every Time

At E-Con Electric, Inc., we have a great safety track record and we always strive to improve. Our employees are trained in the latest techniques, methods, and in the use of personal protection equipment. We enhance their education through the commitment and accountability of managers, project managers and field supervisors. We develop a safety plan, complete with daily pre-task assessment planning, and we know what to expect each day to eliminate any potential problems.

At E-Con Electric, our first step to a successful project starts and end with safety as priority one.